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Our Physical First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training Programs Empower Individuals and Businesses to Act in Emergency Situations

"Lou teaches in a way that enables plenty of interaction and discussion between the learners, breaking down any stigma people may have about talking about mental health issues."
Auddrey Whyle who left the review from the first aid trainng

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Business Barriers to Effective First Aid Training

When it comes to first aid training, risk assessments, and policies, companies can encounter various reasons . Here are some common challenges they might face


Lack of expertise

Many companies do not have in-house experts or trainers who are knowledgeable about first aid procedures, risk assessments, and relevant policies. This can make it difficult to develop comprehensive training programs and ensure compliance with regulations.


Time constraints

Companies often struggle to allocate sufficient time for employees to undergo first aid training. They may find it challenging to balance training requirements with regular work responsibilities, leading to delays or inadequate training.


Compliance with regulations

Different jurisdictions have specific regulations and requirements regarding first aid training and risk assessments. Companies must stay up to date with these regulations and ensure compliance, which can be time-consuming and confusing.


Employee engagement and retention

Employees may not feel motivated or engaged during traditional first aid training sessions. Dry or repetitive training content can lead to disinterest and low retention rates, hindering the effectiveness of the training.

Louise teaching first aid training

First Aid Excellence with Madeley's First Aid Plus

We offer tailored first aid solutions for businesses. Our expert trainers deliver customised programs, keeping up with the latest regulations. With flexible online and blended schedules, we accommodate today's busy corporate world.


Expertise and customised training

We provides expert trainers who are knowledgeable about first aid procedures, risk assessments, and policies. They can offer tailored training programs that address the specific needs and risks of each company.


Flexible training options

We understand the time constraints faced by companies. They can offer flexible training schedules, including online and blended learning options, to accommodate employees' availability and minimize disruptions to regular work.


Regulatory compliance

We stay updated with the latest regulations and ensures that their training programs meet the necessary compliance standards. They can assist companies in understanding and fulfilling regulatory requirements.


Engaging and interactive training

Madeley's First Aid Plus focuses on delivering engaging and interactive training sessions. They use modern instructional techniques, such as simulations, hands-on practice, and scenario-based learning, to enhance employee engagement and knowledge retention.


Consistency and ongoing support

Madeley's First Aid Plus maintains consistent training quality across locations and departments by using expert accredited training protocols. They also provide ongoing support and resources to employees, reinforcing their knowledge and skills over time.

"I recently enjoyed a training session with Louise from Madeley's First Aid Plus.  I found the course informative, engaging and a great confidence builder.  Lou delivers with authenticity and her experience and expertise definitely adds to the training. Highly recommended !"

Jen Ridley-Towns

Good 2 Great

Our Comprehensive First Aid and Mental Health Training Courses

At Madelys First Aid +, we offer a range of courses to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to respond to any emergency situation. Choose from:

Physical First Aid Courses

Mental Health First Aid Courses

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Safeguarding Courses

Why Choose Madeley's First Aid Plus

Choosing Madeley's First Aid Plus with 30 years of experience in the NHS as an A&E and ITU Nursing Sister and Advanced Clinical Practitioner brings several advantages to your company's first aid needs:

Extensive Medical Expertise

With a background in A&E and ITU nursing, as well as advanced clinical practice, Madeley's First Aid Plus brings a wealth of medical expertise to their training programs. This deep understanding of emergency care ensures that the training content is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with best practices in the healthcare industry.

Practical Knowledge and Real-Life Experience:

Madeley's First Aid Plus has firsthand experience in handling emergency situations, providing critical care, and managing various medical conditions. This practical knowledge translates into training programs that are rooted in real-life scenarios, enabling participants to develop practical skills and apply them effectively in emergency situations.

Professionalism and Quality

With 30 years of experience in the NHS, Madeley's First Aid Plus embodies a high level of professionalism and quality in their training services. Their extensive experience in the healthcare sector instills confidence in their ability to deliver accurate, reliable, and effective training programs.

Comprehensive Training Approach

Madeley's First Aid Plus takes a comprehensive approach to first aid training, covering a wide range of topics and skills. Their training programs encompass not only basic first aid techniques but also more advanced procedures, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to handle diverse emergency situations.

Adaptability and Customization

With their deep understanding of medical care and emergency response, Madeley's First Aid Plus has the flexibility to adapt their training programs to meet the specific needs of your company. They can customise the training content to align with your industry, workplace environment, and potential risks, ensuring that the training is practical, relevant, and tailored to your organisation's requirements.

Voices of Trust and Success

I can’t believe how much I learned about mental health in just one day. The course is really interesting and very informative - Lou teaches in a way that enables plenty of interaction and discussion between the learners, breaking down any stigma people may have about talking about mental health issues. I now think very differently about how a person may be thinking or feeling, and I am mindful of their words and actions and how it could be a warning sign or a cry for help. Being a mental health first aider means I could make a difference to someone who is struggling. That is a massive and personal thing to me.

First Aid for Mental Health

Audrey Whyle, ArtShack

I have been singing her praises and we're already booked in for our First Aid at work and safeguarding training.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People

Fearless Female Education Ltd

An excellent course that was informative and well taught. Louise did a brilliant job of explaining all areas of First Aid-what we needed to do and why which massively helped the learning experience and my ability to retain life saving information. I would highly recommend this course.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Katie Iles, The SeaChange Trust

From the start to finish Louise was informative, practical and interesting. With her extensive background and experience within the medical industry including A an E, she was able to pitch real scenarios at us regardless of the nature of our business or employment which made the whole day much more relevant. Very Highly recommended to anyone either refreshing or starting First Aid for the first time and I wouldn't hesitate to offer her and Madeleys First Aid Plus services to anyone who needs First Aid qualifications.

First Aid at Work

Phil Rowley, Rowley Racing

Louise came highly recommended for Mental Health First Aid training and after a chat with her, I quickly realised she was definitely the right fit for me and my team. Louise was efficient, patient (7 rather chatty women), friendly and tremendously knowledgable which made the course one of the best training sessions I have ever been on. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and nearly three weeks later, we are still talking about the training and more importantly, putting it into practice. I feel fortunate to have found someone who understood our needs and could deliver so effectively to such a diverse team. Keeping everyone's interest and getting all of us engaged is no meant feat and Lou made it look easy.

First Aid for Mental Health

Fearless Female Education Ltd

I am more confident to help if ever needed, who knew there was a “best side” for the recovery position! Very good information regarding the use of the defib machine, I’d be confident to use it if ever needed!

First aid at Work

Enville Estates


Please contact us for any other questions.

I would like to invoice my course to my employer, how do I do this?

If you email me at madeleysfirstaidplus@gmail.com, I will send an invoice to your employer, but it must be paid in full prior to the course commencement date.

Where are the courses held?

The course may be held at our office, 64 High Street, Much Wenlock, TF13 6AE, or any venue of your own.

Can a course be held at my venue or place of work?

Yes, we can also hold courses at your venue depending on the number of delegates, or the course may be online.

Are there prerequisites to do a course?

No, not usually, however if it is a “bolt on” course, such as Forestry & Farming First Aid, you need to have an Emergency First Aid at Work course that is in date, the course information pdf will say if there is a prerequisite, or email us at madeleysfirstaidplus@gmail.com

When will I receive my joining instructions?

Joining instructions will be emailed to you a week before commencement of the course.

Do I have to pay a deposit for my course?

If booking online it is payable in full.  If booking a group at your own venue, there is a 50% deposit on booking, and payment in full prior to the commencement date.

What is the cancellation period prior to the start of the course?

In order to receive a refund, you must cancel within 48 hours prior to the course commencement date.

Will I be required to do any pre-course work?

Face to face courses do not generally require pre-course preparation, however the online courses require work prior to the date, which will be emailed to you following booking onto the course

What happens if I cancel/transfer my course place?

You can cancel or transfer up to 48 hours prior to the course commencement date

What support will I receive after my course?

We have aftercare following the course, which we will give details  to you during the course.

Trust 30 years of NHS experience.

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